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Franco-Korean brand founded in Paris in 2021 by Romeo Oh. OHTOP explores the creative links between fashion and beauty through perfumes and skincare products. The philosophy of the house: life is a constant pursuit of style, this is the culmination of a passionate search and the expression of personal audacity.

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We believe in the power of simplicity and sophistication. Our minimalist approach to fragrance creation and packaging design reflects our commitment to understated beauty.


"My aim is to create an olfactory wardrobe that complements and personalises a silhouette, giving it a dreamlike dimension, a finishing touch that envelops the attitude and allows one to manifest one's true nature and style."


Romeo Oh


OHTOP places the environment at the heart of its actions. The brand uses natural, non-toxic, and traceable ingredients, committing to sustainability at every stage of production. Additionally, OHTOP uses recycled and biodegradable materials, demonstrating its commitment to transparency and ethics in the perfume creation process. OHTOP offers a unique and ethical olfactory experience, combining creativity, sustainability, and sophistication in every aspect of its brand.


Filled with meaning and inspiration for everyone, emphasising originality, authenticity and freedom of expression, these juices made from living substance merge with the identity of each skin to belong only to the person who wears them.  


The elegant, clean lines of our bottles and packaging reflect our commitment to a timeless aesthetic.



OHTOP is a small niche brand, but we have put the preservation of biodiversity,

sustainable innovation, acting for the climate and creating a positive impact at the heart of what we do. We have decided to use the most natural, non-toxic and traceable ingredients to create our fragrances.


Sustainability doesn't stop at the ingredients. Packaging and production play an important role in a brand's overall carbon footprint. Our zamak cap and refillable glass bottle are 100% recyclable and consume little energy.

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Romeo OH is a Korean living in Paris since the early 1990s. He is a multifaceted designer who founded SHOWROOM ROMEO, a showroom to discover new fashion talents. Romeo fell in love with Paris, where he founded his showroom and discovered many emerging fashion designers from around the world.

In 2021, Romeo created a range of unisex cosmetics under the OHTOP brand, and in 2023 he enriched the brand with a collection of fragrances that subtly incorporate elements of OHTOP's history, origins and cultural heritage.  

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